Coleman's Didcot contract terminated


Energy firm RWE has terminated its contract with Coleman & Company for the demolition of Didcot A power station.

Didcot A power station in the aftermath of February's uncontrolled collapse
Above: Didcot A power station in the aftermath of February’s uncontrolled collapse

Coleman had been side-lined on the project since May, when Brown & Mason was brought in to take over recovery works after an uncontrolled collapse on 23rd February that killed four Coleman employees. With three of the bodies missing under the rubble, the search had become stymied by the instability of the remaining structure.

It was not until September that the missing bodies were recovered.

In an update statement, the company said: “Coleman & Company can announce that we will not be continuing with the remaining demolition and site clearance work at Didcot A Power Station. We agreed with site owners RWE that this is in the best interests of all parties. We would like to thank RWE for their support over the last two years. All staff working at Didcot will be redeployed across the company onto other major projects.”




This article was published on 13 Oct 2016 (last updated on 13 Oct 2016).

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