Double Glazing and Heating at the Top of Homebuyer’s Interests


In a new piece of research put together by Gocompare, it has been highlighted that double glazing and also central heating presently sit at the fore of the traditional homebuyer’s list for must-have property features; then following these come secure doors, windows and a garden.

Other key areas of concern for homebuyers are that of broadband single, which is of no real surprise given the improved reliability on cloud services and internet access for all manner of personal or professional use – yet it has been surprising to note that this actually comes before finding schools with high ratings, which has always traditionally been one of the most important concerns. Additionally, off-road parking came above that of garages, and period features behind that of a large living room for more comprehensive entertainment fittings (such as a large flat-screen television).

Surprisingly, only 15% now rated the provision of a good, local school as entirely essential in securing a new home, and instead have been focusing on more core areas of capability within the property itself – areas such as more considerable bathroom and showering facilities.

Yet, as highlighted in those interests at the top in the list, it is very promising to see areas of energy efficiency sitting very high up on the list. In fact, 53% of people highlighted the importance of energy efficiency measures, such as cavity wall insulation and 74% highlighted the importance of double glazing. This consideration of something which does intrinsically effect the environment in the long-term, is certainly a good sign from the perspective of pushing the environmental envelope yet further.

In addition, 79% of individuals commented on central heating being their number one priority, with gardens at 71%, secure doors and windows being at a notable 70%, off-road parking then sitting at 58%, and baths being at 57%.


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