ECA e-RAMS Risk Assessment Service Enjoys Considerable Demand

To follow on from an upgrade to the free ECA e-RAMS service, available online, it has been reported that the popularity of the risk and method statement services has shot upwards,with considerable demand from members of the ECA.

To monitor popularity, the ECA is able to check the frequency of assessments completed and, in the latest of such figures, it has been highlighted that there was a 67% increase in the frequency of risk assessments completed by members of the ECA each month, ever since the close of last October. This signifies a grand total of some almost 600 members of the ECA using the RAMS to then create tend of thousands of risk assessments.

As explained by Paul Reeve, Director of Business Services of the ECA, the upgrade made by the ECA to the new e-RAMS service allows for organisations to undertake quantified risk assessments, as well as enhanced hazard and control measure text, thus facilitating an increasingly strong service for members; something which can be seen as successful in its surge of demand thus far.

Most specifically, e-RAMS is seen to be of most use for singular tasks and projects, as well as providing assistance with BSE activities of any shape or size. Paul Reeve furthered: “Similar products can cost hundreds of pounds or more, so we are pleased to see hundreds of ECA members already utilising this free service, helping them take the necessary steps to ensure health and safety on site.”

Offering a solution to risk assessment that is simple to fill out, easy to then adapt in line with specific projects, and then submit as a complete assessment in a professional format, e-RAMS offers a highly intuitive service for members of the ECA – what’s more, it’s free, which has no doubt contributed to the incredible boom in popularity of the service itself.


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