Engineering Videos Launched by Groundforce to Share Knowledge


Communication and knowledge sharing is seemingly a concept on the rise in the construction industry. With organisations increasingly recognising that the fate of the industry is tied to the operations of all, the sharing of knowledge is key. As such, Groundforce has recently introduced a new “first” in the industry – a series of engineering discussion videos to showcase its commitment to knowledge-sharing and purvey a “new approach” to engineering for the sector.

The series, dubbed “Back to the Drawing Board”, serves as a collection of shorts to explain key industry topics in a simple and easy format – these topics relating to topics such as excavation support. For those interested in viewing the videos, it is exacted that they will be available for public viewing on both the company’s official website as well as its YouTube channel, allowing it to reach a larger audience of interest.

As we understand it, the monthly video releases are intended to communicate core engineering industry topics, incorporating the technical, the practical and the theoretical so as best to discuss a wide variety of topics which may help organisations to reshape the way in which they think, and work. Of course, it is hoped that the videos will play a part in encouraging further discussion on the topics presented, getting an increasing volume of industry representatives providing their thoughts, and perhaps even adding to the knowledge pool.

The first video is set to discuss hydraulic propping design to Eurocodes, which will serve as a video to discuss a widely-accepted, tricky concept for the sector which is not yet directly covered in any official guidance or documentation. As such, the video will lay the foundations and perhaps engage with an audience looking to either learn from knowledge, or provide additional food for thought.

Groundforce’s Technical Director, Tony Gould explained: “We hope this series of videos will open up in-depth discussion on a platform which is easily accessible and available when the audience chooses.”


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