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Herts Mechanical – The Complete Engineered Solution

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With twenty five years of experience as an engineering sub-contractor, Herts Mechanical has both diversified its services and widened its client base. Beginning as a conveyor installer and specialising in the integration of vertical storage machines (carousels), the company made the logical move into crane installation, and has since established itself as a leader in the installation and maintenance of integrated material handling systems and warehouse solutions.

It’s over the last ten years that Herts Mechanical has expanded most confidently, becoming accomplished in a wide range of services, including: complex heavy-lifting, factory removals and the decommissioning of machinery. The ease with which the company has entered new sectors and established new services can be attributed to its solid, mechanical and electrical engineering core. As Simon Howell, Sales Director at Herts Mechanical makes clear, “Whether you’re working on a big, heavy crane or a small, high-speed press, the engineering principles remain exactly the same. Around the time of our expansion, we were taking note of just what we were capable of and realised that, actually, we could do a lot more than we were doing.”

Whilst Herts Mechanical has enlarged the variety of sub-contracted services it offers, the company has retained the bespoke service promised within its original portfolio of works. It’s with versatility and a willingness to exceed clients’ expectations that the company continues to attract some of the most high profile and discerning of clients. “We make the effort to understand exactly what each client is looking for, and that’s key to establishing a successful working relationship,” says Howell. “After identifying those individual requirements, we actively support them in realising their ambitions.

While conducting risk assessments and methods has always been fundamental to our business, it’s by working so closely with clients, that we’ve been able to incorporate various aspects of best practice we’ve seen. For example, we now carry out risk assessments on an ongoing basis, rather than simply prior to the commencement of a contract. We’ve found that it reflects the volatile environment of construction sites and is able to ensure the safety of staff in a more pronounced way.” Partnership is therefore of mutual benefit, wherein Herts Mechanical continues to hold clients up as a benchmark, and customers are awarded an adapted and adaptive service which continues to be exactly what they need.

Placing health and safety at the top of the agenda, Herts Mechanical observes a stringent code of practice across contracts, as evidenced by the company’s Safecontractor accreditation. Also a member of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA), it’s the health and safety competency assessment that has been most pivotal to Herts Mechanical’s success and which has seen it recurrently secure contracts with major, blue chip organisations.

Confronting the rapidly changing face of the industry head on, Herts Mechanical is determinedly progressive and continues to evolve in line with both technological advances and more urgent concerns for the environment. “There’s a great saying,” Howell goes on, “That if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got. Unless that market’s changed, that is, in which case what you’re chasing doesn’t exist anymore. We’ll therefore continue to embrace change – in respect of our clients, their needs and environmental pressure – in order to assure our presence in the here and now.”


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