Perceived Confidence in Succcess for Breedon Aggregates

Following on from the recent success of Breedon Aggregates in increasing profits by almost 50% last year, in addition to the company’s potential acquisition of Hope Construction Materials, it has been announced that the organisation’s Chief Executive, Pat Ward clearly sees continuation in the brand’s success, procuring some 150,000 shares in the company at a rate of 70p – a deal which is heralded as quite a safe investment given the company’s recent, and predicted success.

The move signifies Pat Ward’s first investment made into Breedon Aggregates, which will complement the vast number of shares he has recently been presented with as part of the group’s performance share plan; a total of 709,219 shares being provided to Pat Ward, 531,914 shares to Chairman, Peter Tom, and 425,531 shares provided to Finance Director, Rob Wood.

Now, more than ever, certainly seems like a good time to invest into Breedon Aggregates, with predictions seeing the company grow almost twofold should the acquisition of Hope Construction Materials follow through. And while the deal is presently facing concerns as to reduced competition in the mixed-concrete market, it would seem that Breedon Aggregates had already foreseen this and may be prepared to sacrifice a portion of its concrete production capacity to enable the deal to continue.

Should the deal continue, it is expected that Breedon Aggregates will become something of a powerhouse in the industry and, while regulation will require the company to downsize somewhat to maintain a level of competitiveness in the wider industry, this will still see Breedon Aggregates maintain a sizeable share in the market for the production of mixed-concrete. Also with Hope Construction Materials only recently launching its very own, branded range of product, the company may very well see the acquisition of a very strong product portfolio from Hope Construction Materials which will only cement the company’s future prosperity in the market for mixed-concrete products.


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