Smart heat energy scheme gets £1.2m government funding

A new smart-control energy system which links wind-generated energy to home heating systems has received £1.2 million funding from the Scottish government.

The Rousay, Egilsay and Wyre Development Trust (REWDT) received the money for its Heat Smart Orkney project from the Scottish government’s Local Energy Fund. Around 100 residents in the Orkney Islands will trial the new scheme, which diverts excess renewable electricity that cannot feed into the grid from wind turbines to newly installed heating devices in their homes.

REWDT project manager Michelle Koster said: “Orkney has the highest levels of fuel poverty in Scotland and the electricity grid regularly has to be curtailed, meaning the community-owned turbine in Rousay is turned off.

“Providing the ability to divert otherwise curtailed energy into secondary heating devices installed in homes seems an obvious solution.”

The energy efficient heating devices are linked to a cloud control centre and as the turbine receives a curtailment signal the cloud control centre will switch on. The heating devices and the additional electricity used by the devices will be metered and a rebate paid to the householder from the additional income received by the turbine.

The funding boost came as the Scottish government awarded more than £10 million to support nine large-scale, low-carbon energy projects across the country, with the aim of developing local energy systems.

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