SummitSkills Branches out into FM Certification


Perhaps serving as a nod to the organisation’s hard work in the building services engineering sector, SummitSkills has recently been announced to have secured the management of facilities management apprenticeship certification. The organisation, which presently serves as the Standard Setting Organisation for the building services engineering industry, will now see it providing certificates of completion for apprenticeships across within the property, cleaning and facilities management sectors specifically.

Of course, the position itself is set to sit alongside the organisation’s decades of work in management of building services engineering apprenticeship certification;, with the organisation having, thus far, provided greater than twenty three thousand certificates to those apprentices finalising their relative apprenticeship scheme. The addition of this responsibility for the facilities management, and related sectors, will then see the number of certificates which the organisation issues increase by approximately three thousand more per year.

In addition to offering certificates, SummitSkills will also be seen to develop an involvement in ensuring that apprenticeship frameworks are in line with the latest industry standards and expectations, for which the organisation will partner with other organisations to achieve and deliver upon.

The responsibility for this role was passed onto SummitSkills by the FISSS, with the organisation’s Managing Director, Mark Froud commenting that, based upon the record of the company in providing certification for apprenticeships over the course of the past few years, the organisation has confidence in SummitSkills’ ability to roll this out across even more related industries.

Due to the common ground maintained between the building services engineering sector and that of the facilities management sector, it is expected that SummitSkills will be able to slip into the new role quite seamlessly, with the company’s General Manager, Nigel Hollett commenting: “This is an exciting new development that allows us to expand our certification capabilities and underlines the important role SummitSkills carries out for employers.”


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