Waterdrop, the New Loyalty Programme for Clean and Safe Water


Offering consulting engineers with the opportunity to provide clean and safe water to local communities, a new loyalty programme, Waterdrop, has been announced by Xylem to provide a “once in a lifetime” opportunity for those with a responsible mindset.

As has recently been reported by, there are a staggering number of individuals who die each year as a result of diseases attributed to drinking water and poor levels of sanitation sits – 842,000 per year, in fact (circa 2,300 each day).

In support of resolving this concerning issue, Waterdrop has been brought to the market as a means by which consulting engineers can contribute to bringing clean water to local communities, simply through their traditional daily work. This, most specifically, is done through the collection of “water drops” which are rewarded through the leaning, selection and specifying of Xylem services and products in CBS applications.

These drops are then translated into contributions made by Xylem into the construction of new water towers, thus providing access to those without the proper water provisions. In total, each “water drop” constitutes an investment of $1 into this. And although this may seem somewhat like a drop in the ocean, the opportunity for consulting engineers to make a difference together, and act on a moral and ethical high-ground is there, with Waterdrop.

Most recently, Xylem also undertook its very first volunteer trip for Waterdrop, with the company taking fourteen volunteers from Germany, France and the UK over to the Philippines for the construction of water towers at elementary schools, serving just shy of 1,000 young people, families and the wider community. While the work undertaken in building the towers was expectedly difficult, the opportunity to make a difference is one difficult to avoid, and volunteers also worked to educate children on the importance of the supply of clean water.


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