£230 Million Defence Infrastructure Organisation Contract Awarded to Interserve

Recent news from Interserve Press Office reports that the international construction group have been awarded a 5 year contract valued at approximately £230 million. The international construction project will also include additional works and work with the MoD DIO (Ministry of Defence – Defence Infrastructure Organisation) to provide further facility services to the US Air Force’s UK estate.

The USFP (United States Forces Prime) is the prime contact for the project and combines the 4 existing facilities support contracts with the USAF (United States Air Force) main bases in the UK. The 6 bases will provide their associated satellite sites in conjunction with the project. Interserve will be combining the facilities management and engineering services maintenance for the wings of the USAF. The 3 operational wings of the USAF include the 48th Fighter wing, the 100th Air Refuelling Wing and 501st Combat Support Wing.

The partnership begins in November 2016, many of the sites that will be managed by Interserve will be using the outsourced support services that the USAF has used previously. The USAF estate will now be managed by a single provider, which the company hopes will help them become more efficient, allow for flexibility and accommodate changes required in future for funding etc. The combining and amalgamation of contracts is hoped to help the company with providing the vital support required for the US Air Force Military Operations and Training whilst not being burdened with any complications or inefficiencies.
The Interserve chief executive, Adrian Ringrose stated the company had a long-standing, highly successful relationship with the Armed Forces and the MoD, and that the company had repeatedly proven their ability to deliver integrated support services in a manner that is efficient and cost-effective. Bringing the US Air Force facilities under this single arrangement is a significant undertaking, the company hopes to deliver real synergies for their client.


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