CITB in Bid to Secure Top Talent for Construction Industry

The Construction Industry Trading Board is trying to provide work experience and career insights in order to secure the best available talent for the industry.

Go Construct, the newly formed recruitment campaign for the industry, has launched the ‘Experience Matching Service’, which gives people the opportunity to experience the construction industry first hand.

Employers in the industry have been signing up to provide project placements, careers talks, site visits and work experience to anyone with an interest in a career in the construction business, as well as conducting mock interviews and taster days.

The idea behind the scheme is to enable young people to experience for themselves how the construction industry works and provide good, clear information about a career in the sector.

The companies are trying to make sure that there is a clear correlation between what they say it is like to work in construction and the reality of it.

They are saying that even one or two weeks spent working with them will be of huge benefit to young people considering taking their first step into the business and could even become their first break into it.

There are also many benefits to the industry and employers by offering work experience as they could come across some special talents who they want to join their team through a positive experience for both parties.

Businesses are also showing pride that they work in the construction industry by offering these opportunities and presents them as forward thinking organisations who want to strengthen relationships with local colleges and schools.

It is hoped that the skills gap will be reduced and the very best talent will be secured for future generations of the construction industry by providing these experiences and career insights, as well as reducing the number of people who drop out of the industry later on.


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