Construction of Safe Swimming Pools – Must Have Features

Planning the construction of a swimming pool takes various elements into consideration including the size, style, purpose and, of course, the aspects that are required to keep swimmers safe. Whether it’s the construction for a personal or public pool, this step is a crucial one, and there are many pool safety designs that can be implemented.

Use Anti-slip Tiles

One of the biggest causes of accidents at a poolside is due to slippery surfaces. Although signs are used to deter people from running around the edge of a pool, there are preventatives that can be used such as anti-slip tiles which can be utilised in the construction.

Used both in and around the pool, especially on steps, the selection of anti-slip tiles are available in well known brands as well as colours, to match the style of the pool you’re looking to create.

Install Safety Fencing

One of the ways to prevent any issues with others utilising a pool without supervision, is by installing fencing during the build of your swimming pool. There are various fences available that don’t have to be entirely closed off, but are actually aesthetically pleasing as well as practical. Not only does this prevent the pool being used without permission but means you can actually see everyone that is using the pool clearly due to the materials used.

Choose Pool Covers

In addition to installing fencing, the next best safety feature is a pool cover that can be installed to any pool of any size. This offers peace of mind that there are additional safety features that can be prepared post-construction to keep non-swimmers safe.

The great thing with pool covers is the fact that they are a safety accessory, and can fit in with the style and colours of the pool you’ve already designed, making them the simplest and easiest safety feature to include.

Check Your Pool’s Heating

In the UK, heating is something that is required for both indoor and outdoor pools however the safety of maintaining these is vital to prevent disasters from occurring such as fires, carbon monoxide and gas leaks.

Without the right safety precautions in place, you put yourself and others at risk so maintaining your pool heater is crucial. Ensuring that leaves and other debris are removed regularly, gas pipes are always connected and ventilation is provided when installing the heater, will all help to reduce the risk. There have been serious issues caused by the lack of maintenance of pool heaters so this is an important factor to consider during the construction.

For more information on what safety aspects are considered when constructing a swimming pool, get in touch with The Swimming Pool Store.


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