Construction Workers to Receive Pay Rise

It has been announced that over the next two years hundreds of thousands of construction workers will be in line for a pay rise, along with a number of other benefits.

After several lengthy discussions, an agreement was reached between contractors and unions for the Construction Industry Join Council.

From July 25 this year, more than 400,000 professionals in the construction industry will see a rise in their pay by 2.5%, and by a further 2.75% in June next year.

This figure is much higher than inflation rates, which were measured in May at 0.3%, with the two year pay deal securing increases in sick pay in the industry and subsistence allowance.

Furthermore, construction workers will now be able to take an extra day of holiday from January 1 next year, with changes also set to be introduced on the way travel distances are calculated.

Instead of kilometres, the system will now produce a figure in terms of the number of miles travelled.

Unite, Ucatt and GMB unions all welcome the deal, although they added that they will now be turning their attentions to securing further benefits for workers.

Among the areas they will now work on are the impacts on supply chains, the rates of pay and the London Living Wage.

Employer’s secretary to the CIJC, Gary Lean, said that the agreement has been put in place to benefit all parties involved.

He said that a robust series of negotiations have come to a close with the result being another two year agreement which will not only benefit industry workers but also employers and clients.

Mr Lean added that all parties involved have now secured certainty for the next two year period and  unions and employers have continued a harmonious relationship. Therefore, he insists, this is good news for all parties involved.


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