Consumers Want More Heating System Control

Consumers in the UK are demanding the increase of their heating system control, improving convenience and comfort, suggests research from the Energy Saving Trust (EST).

The study shows that one in five households are without a standard radiator valve or thermostat.

As a result, almost half of the UK’s households say that they would welcome intelligent thermostats, with experts claiming that smart heating systems are to unlock a new generation of the heading industry.

The latest research into consumer habits by the EST shows that one of the growing trends is that the  growing smart phone business has resulted in an increase in app-based technology.

As a result, this has seen the creation of householders demand for heating systems that are controlled by apps on mobile devices, including those that provide more manual controls, such as thermostats, valves and timers.

EST Client Relationship Manager, Elaine Berry, said that we are seeing an increasing demand from society for services and products that fit into people’s lifestyles by controlling heating systems with little fuss and maximum convenience and comfort.

Ms Berry added that it is crucial that the heating industry is made aware of what consumers are increasingly demanding from their heating systems, with more and more ranges of products on the market.

She continued to say that despite coming into a season of warmer weather, now is the prime time to begin planning how to market new heating systems controlled by smart phones to ensure a good take up when the cold weather returns.

She also said that the best way of educating consumers about their energy use and ensuring that they have comfortable homes is to make use of the EST research.

The most recent UK Pulse study also showed that 25% said their heating systems are inefficient and too old, while 40% of home owners said that in the long run they intend to build in modern heating controls to their systems.


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