Environmental Bodies Call for ‘Green’ Britain After Brexit

Several environmental associations have called upon industry members to collaborate in order to make sure that the green agenda remains a priority following the UK’s decision to leave the European Union.

UK Green Building Council (UK GBC) Chief Executive Officer, Julie Hirigoyen, said that both political and economic uncertainty will result in many people questioning whether the green agenda should now be de-prioritised while business goes into ‘fire fighting mode’, but she insists that this cannot be the case.

She commented that there are still strong incentives for businesses to address the urgent sustainability challenges that the industry faces, including climate change.

She added that these are now more important than ever in order to ensure the best people are working as productively as possible, generating new commercial enterprises, adding value for clients, reducing costs and minimising future risks.

She believes that the key to meeting these objectives is a sustainable built environment.

The UK GBC has said that it will further explore the commercial drivers for sustainability, while encouraging an unprecedented collaboration between trade bodies, green groups and progressive businesses.

They said that they will propose to the government that a sustainable low carbon built environment is what is required for UK plc, and that this will require a consistent and clear policy landscape regardless of the UK’s involvement in the EU.

Compliance director at Carbon 2018, Melanie Kendall-Reid, said that the UK must now decide whether it will cut all ties with Europe or remain part of the European Economic Area (EEA).

She believes that a complete withdrawal from the EU and the EEA may result in an ‘erosion of environmental policy’, using Iceland and Norway as examples of countries can continue to follow EU climate policy and directives from the EEA without being part of the EU.

Ms Kendall-Reid added that environmental policies in Europe provide UK firms with business opportunities to make them market leaders in developing new technologies.


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