How the new CITB Research Investment Fund can help you


""CITB today launches its new Research Investment Fund – a trial scheme to help the construction industry develop new research and evidence to identify and address skills shortages.

Sandra Lilley, CITB Economics and Forecasting Manager, explains the fund and how it could help you.

What is the CITB Research Investment Fund?

The fund is part of CITB’s Flexible Fund and will be trialled across a nine-month period. The aim of the fund is to assist our industry in developing new research and evidence to help tackle skills shortages in construction. It will also help us direct our funding.

Who can apply for the fund?

In this trial phase, applications must come from a construction federation. They can include collaborative ideas involving employers and other industry representatives, but must be submitted and managed by a federation.

How much funding is available for the pilot?

The Research Investment Fund has a maximum of £100,000  available over a 9 month period – which will be allocated between a maximum of three successful bids.

The CITB research team will evaluate applications against agreed criteria and decide on the three successful bids.

Why has the fund been created?

We need to make sure that everything we fund will help solve skills issues. This new fund allows industry, and CITB, to gather evidence so we can pinpoint areas which most need support.

Doesn’t CITB already conduct research on behalf of industry?

Yes, but there are always new areas developing. Federations, working with their members, can be well-placed to spot emerging skills needs that require further research and analysis.

When can federations apply for the fund?

Applications are welcomed between Tuesday 19 July until Monday 15 August.

Successful applications will be notified in September 2016.

The application form will be available from 9am on Tuesday 19 July

How will CITB support successful applications?

Successful applicants will work closely with the CITB research team in developing the research and evidence outlined in the original application.

The application is a short and easy process, however CITB are happy to help applicants who are requiring advice and guidance on how to apply.

If you would like to discuss a potential application, please contact me ( or Lee Bryer (

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