Majority of Builders Voting on Behalf of Their Own Beliefs

The Federation of Master Builders has said that the majority of builders will base their decision to vote in or out of the European Union on their own beliefs.

The latest poll by the FMB shows that over 80% of small construction firm chiefs will base their vote on the upcoming EU referendum solely on their personal opinions rather than business interests.

The research also revealed a number of other interesting facts about the building trade in relation to the EU vote.

Builders say that the biggest benefit of a possible Brexit is that the UK government would be able to more freely legislate in order to meet the specific needs of businesses in Britain.

Whereas, builders say that more economic stability would be the biggest plus of remaining a member of the EU.

However, over half of small construction business owners say they are not informed well enough about issues that could affect them and their businesses in terms of the EU referendum.

FMB Chief Executive, Brian Berry, said that the result of this month’s EU referendum will significantly impact construction SME’s, which ever way the result goes.

Mr Berry said the fact that over 80% of members will be voting on personal beliefs is interesting as it shows that most business owners are making the decision based on more factors than just financial gain.

However, he continued by saying that a recent ‘Ipsos MORI’ survey has shown that the British public are keen to hear the views of more SME’s than any other business sector.

Mr Berry added that the construction industry is more sensitive to economic uncertainty than most other sectors.

He warned that there are already signs of a reduced confidence in the industry caused by the unpredictability surrounding the EU vote and that explains why most have cited economic stability as the primary reason to remain in the EU.


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