Progress for £184 Million Corton Development

Significant progress has been achieved for the £184 million development in Corton, South Ayrshire.

South Ayrshire Council has provided a detailed planning permission report for the most important parts of the Corton neighbourhood development project.

The Corton site will represent phase one of delivering the full set of plans set out by the South East Ayr Development group, which will eventually deliver almost 3,000 new homes in three phases across the next three decades.

The next two phases are set to take place in Cockhill and Alton, across a site of 450 acres.

The Corton part of the master plan for South East Ayr will be made up of 750 homes, leisure and community facilities, business units, pubs and restaurants, shops, a neighbourhood centre, hotel and a new primary school.

Designers are envisaging that the Corton development is set to bring a total investment of around £184 million to South Ayrshire.

LXB, a real estate investment company, has recently been given the go ahead to build a new Sainsbury’s supermarket, along with a petrol filling station and an adjoined car park.

Permission has also been given to construct a new bridge across the A77 for cyclists, pedestrians and equestrian, which will link into the network of footpaths.

The commencement of the 155 acre Corton part of the project and the supermarket construction will unlock the rest of the development concepts by financing the infrastructure construction which is needed to open up the site and service it.

As well as the works on infrastructure to build the overbridge and a new A77 roundabout to give easier access to the site, work is set to go ahead to upgrade four other A77 roundabouts.

Transport Scotland will receive a sizeable contribution for required upgrades in the future to the close by trunk road network.


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