Smart Heating Devices Continue to Rise

Sales of ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) heating devices have risen by 3,000% in the last six years, with volumes set to keep rising by 40% this year, according to the latest report.

MTW Research carried out the study into the UK smart heating market which suggests that smart heating controls are leading the rise.

Growing consumer demand and development of new products have boosted IoT heating market sales and offers positive opportunities for manufacturers and distributors this year.

The new report highlights the extensive growth in the sector over the last few years, with a rise in demand for smart controls, connected TRVs, smart boilers along with a number of heating related IoT applications and devices.

Mark Waddy, a director at MTW, said that they have seen unprecedented growth in the smart heating sector across a range of products this year, with more manufacturers expanding their range each month and making the most of the smart heating market opportunities.

The 120 page report declared that in terms of trends and size of a number of smart heating sectors, the market will become characterised by increasing connectivity and speculation as end users will require increased control and monitoring of their home heating appliances.

MTW has identified features such as enhanced efficiencies, remote operation and geofencing as some of the primary benefits of smart heating that will drive growth in demand this year.

Mr Waddy also commented that the findings indicate half of consumers say they will be looking to install smart heating systems in their homes over the next five year period, which highlights massive growth in the market that will drive growth demand this year.

The report also reviewed the full UK IoT market and found that there are currently nearly 900 million IoT devices being used in the UK at present, with growth in connected devices rising by 13% this year.


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