2016’s Top Interior Design Trends

2016’s Top Interior Design Trends – by Internal Panel Systems

Survey data from PropertyWire shows that 94% of British home owners are more interested in renovating their home than moving. As this year’s interior design and decorating trends show, many are putting this into practice with a variety of interesting decor ideas.

Warm metals, “rough luxe” and a renewed focus on energy efficiency are some of 2016’s most popular interior design trends. Below, we’ve listed seven of the year’s top trends suitable for the bathroom to the bedroom.


Warm Metal Materials

Brushed metal may have a reputation for looking and feeling a little cold, but warmer metals are making their way into many of today’s most modern homes. Brands like Dornbracht have made materials like copper and gold — once viewed as out of date — stars of interior design.

From kitchen and bathroom fixtures to countertops, industrial-inspired furniture and more, warm metals are making their way back into the home, both as eye-catching points of interest and as everyday home decorating accessories.


Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Mid-century modern furniture has always had a passionate following, but it’s only recently that it’s come back into fashion. Famous mid-20th century items like the Eames recliner, surfboard coffee tables and others are making their way into many decidedly 21st century homes.

While the original items from Herman Miller and other brands command high prices, Mid-century inspired furniture and decor accessories from other brands have put the style of the 50s and 60s within reach for a mass audience in 2016.


Smart Appliances

Smart appliances, such as internet-connected ovens and tumble dryers, were a fun fantasy for technology gurus just a few years ago. In 2016, they’re making their way into homes around the world as the Internet of Things becomes a reality.

From June, a countertop smart oven, to competing products from established appliance brands such as Breville and Samsung, smart appliances are more than just tech — they’re a statement that your home or apartment isn’t just stylish, but hooked 24/7 into the Internet of Things.


“Glamily” Rooms

Why can’t a family room be glamourous? The glamily room, which popped up in Design Sponge and House Beautiful in 2016, is a family room that combines comfort and functionality with sleek and modern interior design.

Staples of the glamily room include a mix of contemporary, modern and classic furniture, bright and powerful colors, and a design approach that’s just a little more extravagant than the typical family living room.


Coloured Steel Appliances

When Samsung, KitchenAid and LG all release their own series of black stainless steel kitchen appliances, you know a trend is in the making. Coloured stainless steel mixes the great texture of stainless steel with colors like black, bronze, copper and others for a more eye-catching look.

Whether as a visual statement or to match the colour scheme of your kitchen, coloured stainless steel is undoubtedly one of 2016’s top interior decorating trends. If ultra-modern is your look, it’s hard to compete with a black, brushed stainless steel kitchen.


Statement Mirrors

As minimalistic interior design took off over the last decade, mirrors stopped being statement and started to serve just two purposes: pure function — such as a bathroom mirror — and add size and presence to a relatively small interior space.

In 2016, statement mirrors are well and truly back. From the avant garde to the classic, iconic mirrors that do more than just reflect are one of the year’s top interior design trends, especially for small and cosy modern apartments.


Mosaic Tiles

From the kitchen to the bathroom, mosaic tiles are a common sight in interior design inspiration guides for 2016. Materials like marble, and even Designer Wall Panels, have become popular in both the kitchen, the bathroom and the living room.

Of 2016’s interior design trends, mosaic tiles are arguably the most versatile. Whether marble in the living room, glass as a kitchen backsplash or ceramic in the bathroom, mosaic tiles have the ideal combination of versatility and style for decorating your home or apartment in 2016.


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