Choosing the Right Paint for Your Business Properties

Choosing the Right Paint for Your Business Properties

When it comes to running a business, there’s plenty to keep you occupied. Keeping your workforce happy, winning new customers and balancing the books all take up lots of time and energy, but it’s important to remember that maintaining your business building is essential too!

Why? Well, it’s simple: first impressions count, and the condition of your business premises says a lot about who you are as a company, what your values are and how you’re going to treat your customers. So, if your business property is needing a little bit of TLC, here’s everything you need to know about the different types of paint available, so that you can choose the right type…


Metal paints
A number of business premises are primarily constructed of metal because it’s a durable and cost effective material. It’s perfect for larger buildings, such as gyms, car repair shops, welding shops and gyms, as metal can be used for creating spacious structures, as well as being fire resistant too.

So, if you’re going to touch up the paintwork on a metal building, you’ll need specialist paint to ensure that it doesn’t peel or flake from the surface. Check out Rawlins Paints if you want to find some online. There are many metal paints that can be directly applied without the need for a primer – suitable for painting over patches of rust – and they’ll be weather resistant and long-lasting too.


Cladding paints
Cladding is often added to buildings to improve their appearance and provide an extra layer of protection against the weather. So, if the paint on your cladding is beginning to peel, you’ll need to buy specialist cladding paint rather than generic exterior paint.

Cladding paint is specifically designed to maintain and rejuvenate cladding and increase its lifespan (which is good news as it means you won’t have to shell out to replace worn or damaged cladding in its entirety), but it’s worth adding a polyurethane topcoat to preserve the paint-work further.


Fire protection paints
Make sure that you’re protecting your business property by using fire retardant paints.
In fact, if your business happens to be a café, a hotel or an office suite for instance, it might well be the case that the law demands that you use such fire-control methods to comply with safety legislation, making the welfare of your employees and customers your chief priority.

So, consider using fire retardant paints, coatings and treatments inside and outside of your property, particularly if your business premises consist of flammable materials or contains lots of flammable equipment.


Safety and security paints

Just as you want to protect your home, its occupants and your possessions, your business property demands just as much consideration. Due to the equipment, materials and contents that you have on site, it’s not unlikely that your premises will be targeted by trespassers or burglars.

So, opt for anti-climb coatings when you’re updating your business premises’ exterior, making it far harder for intruders to walk away with ill-gotten gains! And, consider applying anti-graffiti coatings if your business is in an area that suffers with graffiti and vandalism, and remember that safety paints (such as luminous paints for glowing in the dark and fluorescent paint to make equipment highly visible) are worth investing in too.

There are plenty more types of paint that you need to consider for your business premises, including anti-slip floor paints, roof paints and preparatory coatings, so figure out what your needs are to make sure you’re using the right products.


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