Anglian Water Business Helps Hospital Reduce Carbon

A major hospital in Cambridge is being helped to cut carbon, reduce costs and save energy by Anglian Water Business.

The water firm worked with Addenbrooke’s Hospital, along with consultancy company SaveMoneyCutCarbon, to replace the hospital’s inefficient and dated fluorescent lamps with 650 LED tubes and panels in the hospital.

This is said to result in an overall carbon and energy reduction of 53%, while saving £15,000 a year and a return on investment in under four and a half years for the hospital.

Addenbrooke’s entire wastewater treatment needs are already served by Anglian Water Business (AWB), with the LED replacement scheme forming part of its commitment to proactively identifying the best ways of providing customers with more value.

Paul Vincent, AWB Account Manager, said that they are delighted to be helping Addenbrooke’s implement the significant efficiency and financial savings.

Vincent continued: “At [AWB], we are committed to working collaboratively with our customers to ensure they lower costs and consumption, whether it’s water or energy.

“This project was made possible thanks to our partnership with SaveMoneyCutCarbon and interest-free funding from Salix Finance.”

Denis Garnham, Addenbrooke’s Hospital Energy Manager, said that the hospital’s sustainable energy development plan is based on carbon, energy and cost saving, while improving the quality of the healthcare environment on the site.

Garnham believes that this latest lighting upgrade project is a prime example of how they are working towards this goal by bringing together their Salix funding stream and AWB’s progressive value added services.

Holden Cook, Chief Operating Officer at SaveMoneyCutCarbon, said: “The money saved by the Trust in energy and maintenance costs can now be diverted into other essential areas, which is fantastic.”

Anglian Water Business is a national water retailer which supplies over 140,000 public sector bodies and businesses throughout the UK.


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