Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors Launches Online Learning Centre


The Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors (APHC) has launched a new Online Learning Centre to support its commitment to help heating and plumbing organisations develop profitable and successful businesses.

The new online facility will offer learning products tailored to the specific needs of the heating and plumbing industry and provide access to bite size courses that cover important areas of business development.

The scheme has been designed to give all businesses access to learning, without the need to travel to a learning centre.

Currently, there are fours online learning courses available to purchase, these are: Understanding Basic Contracts, Developing a Quality Management System, Recruitment and Selection of Employees and an Introduction to Business Finance.

Understanding Basic Contracts – Starts with an explanation of exactly what contracts are, their purpose and how installers can benefit from them. This course gives example situations to help businesses make sure that they stay on the right side of the law when drafting up and signing contracts. Also covered in this course are the terms and conditions, business contracts and documents linked to pricing and payments.

Developing a Quality Management System – This course has the aim of providing installers with an understanding of the common parts of a Quality Management System (QMS) with regard to physical documentation and the main advantages of developing one for the workplace. Also included in the course is the implementation of the QMS and how to map it against external quality criteria, reviews and internal and external audits.

Recruitment and Selection of Employees – The third course offered by the APHC is providing information on each stage of the recruitment process, from identifying the needs of a business and writing up a job specification and advert, through to the selection process, interview preparation and process and the next steps to take once the successful candidate has been identified.

Introduction to Business Finance – The introduction to business finance course takes installers through the importance of proper bookkeeping and maintaining cash flow, how to measure and improve profit as well as an explanation of raising finance for growth.


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