Bsria comments on UK decision to leave the EU

A high level of uncertainty has been evident in the build up to the referendum but the country has given its decision to leave the EU.


Julia Evans, chief executive, Bsria, said: “The decision is ‘out’ and the country has voted.

“But we now have some very serious questions for government: how do we maintain economic investor confidence? What does this mean for energy efficiency? And how will this impact the skills issue and how we should we address this? Specifically regarding labour – how will the industry access much-needed tradesmen? Industry needs to know answers to the questions!

“Bsria calls on government to take the lead and show direction now. With the current housing shortage crisis – we ask how are we going to find the workforce with the right skills to build these? But we must not lose sight of the fact that house building volume cannot be at the expense of quality – so such skills shortage are even more acute.

“We also ask government where will direct investment now come from without EU financing and backing? If government is not going to make any necessary investment – where will it come from?

“And what of carbon reduction energy policies? Will these still be followed? Industry needs to reassured and quickly.”

According to the latest Markit/CIPS survey, output growth over the month slowed to its weakest rate for over three years.

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