Fermacell CPD Promotes Modern Materials for Modern Construction

Information on why gypsum fibreboard should be the material of choice for internal and external walls, and floors and ceilings, is contained within a CPD from specialist building board manufacturer Fermacell.
The “Modern construction needs modern materials” CPD explains how fermacell is made, how it conforms to relevant standards, where it can typically be used, what product options are available, and its performance characteristics and installation process.

Currently celebrating its 45th year of production, the unique fibre-reinforced gypsum-based board offers the performance properties of solid blockwork when used in partitioning due to its strength, density and resilience. This makes it ideal for ceilings and dry-screed flooring as well as partitions as it also offers high performance in areas such as acoustics and impact and fire resistance.

The CPD explains how and where fermacell is made (four factories throughout Europe) and how its manufacture is environmentally friendly, the panels being comprised of 90% recycled material, fully recyclable themselves and accredited by Robust Details and the BBA and ETA.

Product options include a variety of standard and custom sizes, four thicknesses and square or tapered edges, all of which comply with Parts E and F of the Building Regulations for acoustics (giving up to 55 dB Rw from a single layer system and thereby reducing costs and partitions width) and fire respectively, BB93 for schools, HTM08 for healthcare and CE Marking (ETA).

The CPD also advises where fermacell can be used – in dry-lining applications where high-performance is required in one or more areas such as acoustics and resistance to impact (a single layer achieving severe duty rating BS 5234: Part 2), fire (A2/Class 0) and moisture (up to 80% humidity resistance).

In addition, fermacell has also been tested to CWCT standards for use externally as a backer board in a ventilated rainscreen application and is an ideal racking board in timber frame construction, being stronger than OSB and offering fire protection. This strength (up to 50kg load) can eliminate the requirement for plywood pattressing, saving time on installation and money on materials.

Whether used internally or externally, fermacell boards are low maintenance, with minor dents easily touched up and part-panels easily replaced. In addition, the lack of angle beads on external corners makes them particularly suitable for schools, hospitals, airports, student accommodation, sports halls and other high-traffic areas.

They do not even require finishing to accept paint, tiles or wallpaper, although a fermacell skim-like FST (Fine Surface Treatment) is available which does not require a plasterer to apply and dries in 45 minutes.

The CPD also includes FAQs and independent cost comparisons which show that taking into account multiple board layers, pattressing and skimming, fermacell is a very cost-effective alternative to performance plasterboard.


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