JSM Develops NICE Innovative System

JSM has developed the Non-Intrusive Cable Extraction (NICE) innovative system that removes underground decommissioned fluid filled cables without the need for traditional open cut trenching for the entire length of the cable route as current practice entails.

Along with fluid filled cables, the NICE system can also be used on gas filled cables and standard power cables.

JSM has already worked with UK Distribution Networks Operators (DNOs) and the National Grid in the delivery of commissioned projects and successful trials using the NICE system as the main operation method.

JSM most recently carried out the first successful trial in an urban environment on behalf of UK Power Networks in the prestigious Greenwich area.

The use of the innovative technology reduced a 460 metre trench to just 60 metres of smaller excavations.

The NICE system works by firstly loosening the cables using ‘Launch’ and ‘Receive’ pits, a unique cable de-bonding tool connected to a special drill rig is wrapped around the decommissioned cable, and then extracting the cables, with a series of benefits associates with using the programme that can be filed into three categories.

Firstly, there are physical benefits as it is a less intrusive and safer method compared to open cut trenching, with around 80-90% less excavating needed by comparison.

There are also commercial benefits as the NICE system provides superior value with projects possibly achieving a cost neutral balance because of asset materials value being recovered.

Meanwhile, environmental benefits are also associated with the use of the NICE system as it is more environmentally friendly and reduces the impact on neighbouring habitats and ecology, with reduced carbon emissions and fewer excavated materials sent to landfill sites.

JSM is continuing to change and challenge the norms of the industry by refining and exploring the new innovate processes that will provide greater efficiency and added value to the industry.


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BDC 305 Jun 2023