Ministry of Sound unplugged in SE1

Peabody has withdrawn its plans to move MoS into a 53,000 sq ft noise-proof basement in its Borough Triangle, SE1, site.

The fallout emerged in documents made public on Southwark Council’s website.

The MoS said that after months of “radio silence”, “incompetent” Peabody had said the nightclub was no longer part of the scheme. “The reason given by Peabody was, in the Ministry of Sound’s opinion, pathetic – something to do with acoustic results,” said the club.

Peabody said: “Technical constraints and changes in our operating environment have, regrettably, combined and it is no longer viable, prudent or fitting for Peabody to include Ministry of Sound in this scheme.”

The charity blamed last year’s reduction to social housing rent, which it said would leave it about £6m worse off, and costly acoustic modelling.

The Triangle would have also housed Peabody’s new headquarters and high-density housing, as well as freeing up the empty club site for more development.

It is the second time MoS has been drawn into a bitter planning battle. In 2013, former London mayor Boris Johnson had to use his planning powers to progress the redevelopment of Eileen House, SE1. That battle was led by the nightclub, which wanted to stop the residential development for fear of noise complaints from tenants.

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