Flashing Hi-Viz Jackets Developed to Ensure Worker Safety


Hi-viz vests and jackets have been developed that start flashing when the wearer is about to be run over.

The concept is that when the intelligent workwear flashes, both the nearby driver and the wearer are alerted to the impending risk and will therefore take appropriate evasive action. The jackets also beep and vibrate.

Specialist developer of proximity warning indicators, OnGrade, has teamed up with Visijax, a high visibility clothing manufacturer, to produce the ‘wearable anti-collision technology’.

Visijax is part of the Wearable Technologies group of firms that develop solutions for the connected worker of the future.

OnGrade and Visijax have collaborated to integrate OnGrade’s SiteZone radio frequency identification (RFID) proximity warning alarm system across the full range of Visijax PPE vests and jackets, which enhance worker safety by embedding washable electronics.

One of the most common causes of workplace injuries is workers being hit by moving vehicles.

Similarly to SiteZone, the Visijax garments contain a two way RFID warning device; transmitters contained in both the vehicle and the worker’s high visibility jacket or vest communicate with each other, providing a full 360-degree detection zone and the ability to see around corners. The vehicle on-board receiver detects the location of RFID tag-wearing personnel and alerts the driver and worker to each other’s presence to prevent a collision between the two.

Visijax says it is going one step further and adds a visual dimension to the proximity warning system so the wearer is instantly warned and identifiable by vibration, sight, and by sound.

OnGrade director Gary Escott said: “Once again we are pushing the boundary of anti-collision protection by collaborating with Visijax on the new proximity warning garments.  Through practical need and creative technology, we’ve found yet another way to reduce the risk of pedestrian/vehicle collision across several sectors of operation.”


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