MSite Launches Innovative Fingerprint Reader

MSite has launched a futuristic fingerprint reader to transform the site entry experience for construction workers.

The company is the leading developer of access control and workforce management solutions in the UK.

While most fingerprint readers on contemporary construction sites only have a red/green (stop/go) function and often malfunction due to dirt on hands, the new MSite fingerprint touch screen system from HRS combines a rugged, all-weather fingerprint sensor with an intuitive, interactive touch screen to revolutionise the access algorithm.

Identification speed is specifically designed for the foibles and harsh environments of the construction industry and takes less than a second, while the MSite fingerprint touch system can match up to 10,000 fingerprint templates.

It can also be reconfigured through the MSite website to ask users if they are entering or leaving the site before they finish the transaction.

The touch screen system is the latest option to the market leading MSite portfolio and supports access control, time and attendance modes and accepts user input to confirm that they have received the safety messages before proceeding to the site.

This is said to be of great health and safety benefit as it ensures that Health and Safety Directors get the latest procedural messages across to the workers on the ground. It even gives users feedback about why they may have been denied access, such as an expired accreditation.

The system is available in multiple languages to cater for the construction industry’s diverse workforce as well as wall-mounted and desktop-free; and wireless, cable connected or via 3G/4G, and can be loaded with a main contractor’s bespoke questions.

Simon Appleton, MSite’s Head of Product Design, commented: “The MSite touch screen represents a huge leap forward in the technology required to make fingerprint reading in the construction industry a quick and accurate event.

“The touch screen element also adds a whole new dimension of interactivity between individuals arriving and leaving site and the management team.”


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