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Published Tue, Mar 15th 2016

Power tool accessories and handtool specialist Starrett has launched an infographic that will help young people considering an apprenticeship in building, plumbing, electrical contracting or an associated sector choose their trade. The infographic celebrates National Apprenticeship Week, which is currently taking place across the UK from March 14-18, 2016. The guide is available from the Starrett UK website.

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National Apprenticeship Week 2016 is focussing on passing knowledge from one generation to the next, to support the Government pledge to create three million apprenticeships by 2020.  In its graphic, Starrett explains the key points for consideration when choosing an apprenticeship or apprentice – from the perspective of both the apprentice and employer.
The guide draws particular attention to the thorough research that should be done before an apprenticeship is arranged. This covers areas such as the industry connections of an apprenticeship provider, mentorship schemes offered by employers and the organisation and general demeanour of applicants.
“Apprenticeships are important for expanding the skill set of future professionals, but there are points to be considered by both sides to ensure success,” explained John Cove, Starrett’s marketing manager. “Our guide aims to draw attention to some key things we believe should be kept in mind to allow both to make the most of the opportunity.
“In committing to an apprenticeship, the apprentice should feel like he or she is on more than just a training scheme – they should feel that they are actually progressing their career towards a defined end goal. That’s why we suggest thinking about a provider’s connections and how they could develop your talent by using your time effectively.
“Similarly, contractors will be looking to train trades people to meet the demands of the sector and their own standards of quality. In looking for certain characteristics, such as learning agility and technical aptitude, employers can select the apprentices that will be most receptive to training.”
In the graphic, Starrett also draws attention to the multiple career types available in the various contracting industries the company serves to help apprentices choose their speciality. Starrett based these suggestions on the personality traits the company’s customers tell it are best suited to each profession, encouraging young contractors to reflect on what is best for them.
“There’s often an unspoken job requirement in industries such as building and plumbing that contractors to be personable and social, and happiness plays a big role in this,” continued Cove. “By considering beforehand whether it’s right for them, apprentices can set themselves on the path to professional happiness and help fulfil that requirement.”
National Apprenticeship Week 2015 saw 23,000 apprenticeships pledged by a range of businesses across the UK. Starrett hopes its guide will contribute to similar success this year and help encourage growth across the sectors it serves.

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