UK BIM alliance to launch at Digital Construction Week

The UK BIM alliance will be officially launched in October at the Digital Construction Week’s exclusive Westminster Reception, aiming to drive the adoption of BIM level 2 across the wider industry over the next four years, setting the foundations for a shift to BIM level 3 by 2025.

The industry alliance will be running a full two-day seminar programme at the Digital Construction Week this year within the ‘BIM Village’, and will feature guest presentations from the BIM Task Group’s Head of BIM, David Philip, the Chair of the UKBA, Anne Kemp, and the Cabinet Office’s Head of Construction, David Hancock.

The alliance will be building on the work of the UK BIM Task Group from the last four years, and will focus on making BIM level 2 a regular part of the whole construction industry, rather than just a part of centrally procured public sector projects.

Anne Kemp, in speaking on behalf of the transition team, said, “Upon its launch in October, the UK BIM Alliance will provide clear, guiding leadership for industry on BIM Level 2 which makes the true benefits – the cost and waste reductions; the increased productivity and competitiveness – easily understandable and obtainable for all. This will build on, and remain aligned with the Government’s programme for publicly procured projects.”

BIM, or Building Information Modelling, is a process which allows everyone working on a building to understand it, through the use of a digital model. It allows all aspects of the construction industry to input at each stage, making the final building a cohesive whole, in theory without any miscommunications.


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