European Good Practice awards

The Good Practice Awards 2016 – 17 aim to highlight good examples of companies or organisations that have demonstrated practicality and imagination in initiatives to help people enjoy healthy and sustainable working lives. Entrants must show evidence of a strong commitment and a participative approach in making the initiatives work. Judges will be looking for examples of initiatives that are innovative, make a difference and are embraced by the workforce.

Further details of what the judges will be looking for can be found on the European Agency for Safety and Health’s Good Practice Awards 2016 – 2017 website.

Send your entry to: The closing date for entries in UK is 7th October 2016.

Entries are first judged at the national level and then nominated national entries will take part in the pan-European competition, which will select the overall winners.

Participants will be informed of results in due course, and the pan-European Awards will be presented at a ceremony in April 2017.

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