RIBA to Launch New Innovative Building Contracts

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) is launching two new and innovative building contracts next month (November 5).

Designed to be used in conjunction with RIBA’s Architect’s Appointment Agreements for Small Projects (domestic and concise forms), the new contracts are fully aligned with the RIBA Plan of Work 2013.

The new contracts have been designed in response to feedback from members of RIBA members who have called for improvement and innovation within the building contracts that are currently available.

The RIBA Domestic Building Contract offers a simple, comprehensive and legally appropriate contract solution for all types of non-commercial work, such as renovations, extensions, maintenance and new buildings. The contract is endorsed by the HomeOwners Alliance.

The RIBA Concise Building Contract will provide a complete contract solution to cover small scale commercial building projects of a standard and straightforward nature.

The new RIBA Building Contracts form part of a move towards a holistic suite of project contracts that can be prepared and stored digitally and are more relevant and focused around the needs of those undertaking smaller projects – a more intelligent and flexible suite of documents that are easier to use, yet reduce risks to both parties and the project overall. The RIBA is also working on updating the suite of RIBA Agreements, to be available as an online tool.

Key innovations incorporated into the new RIBA Building Contracts:

Allows effective collaboration between the client/employer and contractor

Facilitates good management of the project from start to completion

Fair and equitable terms for all parties

Provides an effective way of managing payments to the contractor

Flexible payment options

Flexibility to propose suppliers and sub-contractors

Provides a straightforward method for dealing with changes to the project within specified timescales

Option for completion in stages

Comprehensive insurance provisions

Terms compliant with the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations for consumer clients


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