Smart Meter Rollout Suffers Further Delay

The full smart meter rollout has been hit with a further delay, as the smart meter network operator missed its deadline for go-live.

The Data and Communications Company (DCC) was due to go live on September 30, after a number of delays since its initial date in December 2015.

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) have not yet confirmed a new date but the infrastructure is crucial to connect smart meters to business systems of energy suppliers, network operators and other authorised service users of the network.

A spokesperson for the DCC commented: “The national data and communications infrastructure is in the final stages of testing and is making good progress. We are working hard to deliver the network at the earliest possible opportunity to the energy industry.”

The government has set out deadlines for the use of the DCC and meter installation as part of its plans to ensure a “timely” rollout, and ensure both energy suppliers and distribution network operators are ready to commence the rollout from the DCC go-live date.

All domestic suppliers are required to be using the DCC by August 1, 2017, while major suppliers will also have to install 1,500 SMETS2 meters by February 1, 2017.

A BEIS spokesperson said: “Smart meters will enable suppliers to deliver innovative products and services and help consumers to bring down their energy bills. This new infrastructure will make it easier for consumers to switch and is in the final stages of testing.”

The industry is already concerned about meeting the target of offering a smart meter to all UK householders by 2020. Consultancy business KPMG has warned that the current installation rate would have to rise five-fold in order to meet the target.

KPMG power and utilities director Amy Marshall added: “The number of smart and advanced meters operating in UK homes and small businesses now stands at 4.2 million, as the race towards hitting the 2020 government target intensifies.


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