YourTradeBase Conducts Survey on ‘How Paperwork is Preventing Business Growth’

YourTradeBase, a service-business based software that helps you win more work, saves you hours and delights your customers whilst helping you to avoid the administrative side effects, has conducted a survey on how paperwork is preventing your business from growing, further proving the need for this type of software.

The survey produced some astounding findings about the time and money spent on paperwork over the time frame of a year from the Trades Industry. Businesses spend on average 2.5 months on paperwork with a spend of approximately £5,657 per year. These figures back up the 51% of small business owners who believe that paperwork is the main reason thwarting their business growth.

With this in mind YourTradeBase has managed to try remove the short falls above. Since its official launch in January this year, it has managed to help trades people win a staggering £40 million worth of quotes and estimates in their respective trades industry. The company now assists 27 Service/Trade based businesses, stemming all the way from the Building industry to Computer repair based companies.

Adam Austin, the CEO and Co-founder, commented: “Following on from many years of extensive research and trail and error we are absolutely delighted to have helped out so many business and people in the industry, £40 million worth of won work is something we couldn’t have imagined happening for a long, long time.”

The company is constantly trying to better itself and is already developing new initiatives that will assist the trades industry win their next £40 million.

YourTradeBase has already established some strong partnerships with small business owners and individuals in the trade service business industry. Excitingly the company has just released an easy to use ‘refer a friend’ scheme to help other tradesman reduce their time taken on paperwork too. The scheme gives tools to current users to help out friends and fellow tradespeople in just the click of the button. With the new ‘refer a friend scheme’ there is an opportunity to share the success of the software through email, printed voucher, Facebook or via unique link.

With the new refer a friend scheme added onto the back of YourTradeBase’s successful first 10 months, it will further reinforce the company’s position in the service based software industry.


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