45 Million Pounds Pumped Into the Revitalization in the Middle of Slough

With more than 45 million pounds being pumped into the revitalization of the middle of Slough, Buckinghamshire and location of the celebrated sitcom ‘The Office,’ workers employed to construct on the site known as The Curve can take a rest now that it has finally been completed. An ambitious project designed to improve the center by installing a library and space for artistic work with sitting space for 280 people as well as a café and garden on the ground floor. In addition, The Curve will provide the location for more traditional office-based environments, the amount of money devoted to The Curve was estimated to total in the range of no less than a staggering 22 million pounds. At 4,500 square meters, the building will be the center of many industrial and communal goings-on in the city of Slough.

With double glazing, a huge area of space to contend with and a range of various requirements and standards for the structure to meet, the completion of the building can be considered a towering achievement, masterminded all along by bblur architecture and CZWG under the overall supervision of Slough Urban Regeneration and the support of Morgan Sindall. In addition to this, the building had to ensure that it was not intruding on the classical beauty of St Ethelbert’s church, and measures were taken to ensure that the structure did not in any way impinge on the church itself. Roofing and interior design work was also covered by Colorminium, who can consider themselves content that they made a very valuable contribution towards the birth of The Curve.

Since partnering up to collaborate with Slough Council since 2008, and has contributed to many council efforts ranging from renovation along Slough’s busy Wellington Street to developments along the popular Queensmere Shopping Center. The directors and representatives of Bblur and CZWG are extremely pleased with the development and ensuing success that will put undoubtedly help to Slough on the map as a cultural hub in the South of England.


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