ARCHITECT@WORK Declares Itself Open

ARCHITECT@WORK, the leading and primary architectural achievement event, has declared itself open for the welcoming of architects, designers and engineers to its base in London, specifically at the National Hall in Olympia.

Being free to those already affiliated to the industry and lasting a grand total of 48 hours from Wednesday into the next day, the event will see the welcoming of professionals and different exhibitions on various architectural themes that will be of intense interest to visitors. For example, various displays and panels will be devoted to investigating various different elements such as water and how these can be used and developed further in the industry. There will equally be class tutorials by members and leading figures of New London Architecture and Studio Octopi that will help those in attendance to witness all of the different kinds of new implementations that have been made into the architecture industry over the course of the year, and it is expected to provide the most up to date information on a number of key issues and topics that the year has seen the industry raise concerns about. A grand total of no less than 100 different showcases will be in attendance, from products by Masiero to designs created by Carpet Sign and Gessi. It is quite perfectly clear therefore that the sessions due to take place at the ARCHITECT@WORK event will be an all-round success and a great way for architecture enthusiasts and professionals from all over the world to witness the series of exciting new developments that are due to be taking place in the next year. Celebrating the hard efforts of 100 different companies and brands in the business, the conference will equally be able to act as a meeting place for like-minded individuals to meet and discuss their interests in architecture at length in a pleasant and appropriate place.


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