Clarke Willmott LLP Gives a Helping Hand to Amiri Construction

Amiri Construction have been receiving an extended helping hand from Clarke Willmott LLP on how to restructure themselves for the challenges of 2017 that lie ahead of them. Based exclusively in the Southern regions of this country, Amiri have been in place since 12 years ago and manage lucrative projects through fields as diverse as commerce and the relaxation industries. With working on projects as expensive as 10 million pounds, it was imperative that their transition of shareholding went as in organized a fashion as possible so that they would be able to maintain their strong expertise in exceptional client satisfaction.

The office-based company Clarke Willmott, which has a base in Southampton, was a key component in bringing a new series of shareholders to deal with the company’s management base. Mister Richard Swain was instrumental in collaborating with Clarke Willmott to ensure that the transition to new managerial shareholders at Amiri went smoothly and that they felt welcomed in their new working environment. Messrs. Lyster, Corry, Moore and Tidby were able to secure themselves, with the aid of Clarke Willmott, a smooth transition and movement to the high echelons of Amiri which will ensure that the company is in good stead to operate into the 21st Century.

It was however a very good idea that they dispensed of the services of an experienced firm like Clarke Willmott so that they were able to ensure such a smooth transition. Mister Grahaeme Pettit and Kevin Lendon, the creative forces behind Amiri Construction, have expressed their delight in welcoming the new participants to their company and seem pleased with the service Clarke Willmott provided. And why shouldn’t they be? Indeed, Clarke Willmott LLP is a very well-respected firm with bases all over the country ranging from areas in Wales to Birmingham in the Midlands. And today the Southampton branch can be proud that they have continued Clarke Willmott’s excellence in giving legal advice to clients.


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