FMB Reports Reduction in Skills Sets

The latest alarming revelations from the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) indicate that the amount of genuine building skills in the construction employee sector is getting worse as time goes by.

The federal group found that the average British bricklayer is not the only one to suffer in the reduction of skills crisis that has plagued the building and construction industry. For example, the findings of the FMB indicate that 46 per cent of site managers and construction officials are finding it harder and harder to employ professionals to work on roofs. To make this trend worse, figures have shown that the level of plastering and electrical workers are lower than they have ever been in the last four years.

Furthermore, the fact that there are less and less skilled workers operating in the construction industry in Britain is surely a sign that Theresa May and the government need to do something fast to rectify the situation before Britain runs out of skilled workers altogether. Mister Brian Berry, CE of the Federation of Master Builders, explains that the skills set in construction has significantly decreased in the past few years and is an issue that needs to be addressed.

A lack of apprenticeships and the growing costs of training and materials is an alarming sign that many construction firms are in danger of losing many of their assets and acquisitions over the years, and Britain’s decision to leave the European Union will surely equally have an impact on the situation of building and construction in the country. The current fluctuations of the English Pound are also a worry for manufacturers in the country, and trade relations with the European Union will need be certified by the government so that the FMB does not have to report any more bad news for the construction industry. There is hope however that 2017 will be a wake-up call for the building industry to seek the government’s help to safeguard its future.


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