Great North Rail Enterprise Closer to Completion

The fruition of the plan to turn Manchester into a central hub of railway interconnectivity has been in place since the 19th Century when in 1830 George Stephenson implemented the works that would result in the first transport connection link between it and the city of Liverpool. More recently, Network Rail has been working very hard up in Manchester in order to enable the implementation of two archways along the river that splits Manchester. Through this ambitious venture, it will enable the foundations to be made for a brand new railway link that will be able to connect the three main train stations in Manchester together along the same line, so that passengers and travelers to the city can access the treasures of what the city has to offer in an even easier and quicker than ever before.

The two arched structures themselves are known as the Ordsall Chord and have added much aesthetic beauty and charm to the impressive Manchester skyline and it is clear that the installation of these archways bring Network Rail yet again one step closer to the completion of the Great North Rail enterprise to renovate the trains and transport links of cities across the whole of the North of the country.  It is estimated that through this new “chord” the amount of traffic and congestion that Manchester experiences on a daily basis will actually go down by a quarter, indicating how necessary these improvements to the transport links are to the city and its populace. The vital building of the archways will mean that the 300 meters of railway track will be able to be installed so that the four stations can be reached easily without the need for changes to rail services.

Indeed, the Minister for Rail Paul Maynard explains that he is extremely pleased that this crucial step has now been achieved for the city and will enable the further necessary works to continue as planned, where it is hoped trains will be able to be operating on the connecting line by the end of this very year.


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