Latest Findings of a Survey Conducted by Tata Steel Back in 2016

The doom and gloom decrying that not enough companies within the field of construction has been lifted by the latest findings of a survey conducted by Tata Steel back in 2016, which reveals that of the firms that replied and accepted the survey, more than 80 per cent of them certified that they either were or would commit themselves to greater contributions to the ethics of sustainability.

The tests and results gathered by Tata Steel over the course of a few months were completed by all manner and form of members in the building industry. This varied from planners and architects to development experts, who were required to respond to such subjects surrounding sustainable plans as diverse as ways of investing and educating businesses. As Barry Rust of Tata Steel intimates, the subject of a sustainable business is the hot topic and the primary objectives and goals of numerous building enterprises. Tata Steel itself has the good fortune and insight of being able to create materials that are approved by BES 6001 standards, but not every building company has the foresight to be this conscientious.

Yet even those companies tested that did not yet have an appropriate action plan for a sustainable future still indicated in the survey that they would consider introducing sustainability into their plans. Other leaders in the building industry such as Rory Bergin of HTA Design LLP and John Hutton of BAM Nuttall both emphasized the need for concerns about sustainability to be consistently raised so that other issues such as those of eye and noise pollution could be explored and rectified as well. Much needs to be done to also ensure that the buildings maintain the levels of sustainability that they were initially built on, and a great deal of this clearly involves the use of all aspects of education to ensure that building contractors as well as clients are knowledgeable of the ways in which sustainability for all can progress further into the 21st Century.


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