LCIL Announced Their Commitment to Using Solo Insurance Services Ltd

Lockton Companies International Limited (LCIL) have recently announced their commitment to using Solo Insurance Services Ltd to advance their industry base in construction. The unison of Lockton with the well-grounded and prolific Solo squad will help to ensure that the building company will help Lockton to enhance its reputation as one of the thriving business enterprises in the construction industry. With 90 experienced and committed insurance employees at Solo’s disposal, LCIL representative Mister Richard Owen is extremely pleased to let them through the doors of Lockton in the hope that their business success will soar to even greater heights.
Lockton’s utter commitment to ensuring that its customers receive the best possible advice and attention that they require is compounded by their deal with Solo. It is hoped that such a relationship between the two companies will help to cement their client base and sterling reputation as an incredibly credible service provider. The shared ethics of excellent customer service and dedication that Lockton and Solo share together have made the transition into partnership a particularly smooth and predictable one, as Judith Cooper Solo’s Chief Executive Officer explains. Indeed, the partnership between both business enterprises should be particularly lucrative, and with a base of 6,000 insurance employees dealing with 50,000 different customers all over the globe,Lockton will need all the help that they can get from Solo to ensure that they remain one of the most successful insurance businesses working today.
Having been awarded the prestigious “Best Place to Work in Insurance” for a record number of eight times in the last eight years by the magazine known as “Business Insurance,” it is plainly clear that the presenting of Solo to Lockton will prove to be mutually beneficial to all concerned, from potential future clients to the CEOs of the Kansas-rooted company itself. By seizing this division of Solo, Lockton hope to expand themselves greatly in the future years ahead.

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