M & R Haulage is Expanding its Horizons by Signing a Financial Agreement With Aldermore

A company known as M & R Haulage that has been in existence since 2007 is expanding its horizons by signing a financial agreement with Aldermore, a savings bank that specializes in helping businesses to invest in new and exciting projects. Mister Neil Johnson of Aldermore has explained that he is very pleased that the agreement is being signed as M & R Haulage have a very good reputation as a well-established company with many vital and exciting projects under its collar.

This includes the firm’s intention to contribute towards the expansion of Heathrow Airport as well as its efforts in expanding the width of the M25. The agreement will ensure that M & R will be able to remain in the big league and sign itself up for lucrative and exciting contracts and projects in the years to come. M & R Haulage are also joined by M & R Aggregates, which furnishes the various substances that are needed in order for construction work to take place at whichever site M & R have been assigned to. No doubt M & R Haulage creator Varinderjit Singh and his family who run the business (along with a total of 10 other employees) will similarly be pleased with Alderman’s decision, and the proceeds that will result from that deal will be used not only to order a brand new vehicle for the haulage work itself, but will also put them in good stead to work on other projects in the future.

Whilst M & R Haulage and Aggregates have currently been operating in the Southern regions of the United Kingdom and in the London suburban areas of Middlesex (where they are in fact currently based) it is hoped that with this new deal will secure a good relationship with Alderman and may help Mister Singh and his companies to greater lengths in the not so distant future.


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