Manchester Will Witness a Useful Lesson on Health and Safety in Workplaces


On the 22nd February of this year, Manchester will witness a useful new lesson in how to maintain the values of health and safety in an increasingly digitized workplace universe. The event, organized and implemented by the British Safety Council, whose unbridled authority on the subject of health and safety is key, will be useful to members from a wide variety of trades and work backgrounds from all over the country. Running for half a single day, the event is catered to those who wish to be made more aware of the pitfalls that can occur in the workplace, from work hazards to maintaining one’s own physical and mental health in the workplace.

With the increasingly alarming statistics revealing the unhappiness and discontent of individuals in the workplace, it is more important than ever that those workers in the building trade and indeed in any other are made fully aware of the variety of different kinds of solutions to problems that are open to them. The event will involve talks by individuals from a variety of different working environments, from spokesmen for the police force to transportation methods and even the governing bodies of this country. Ms Louise Ward, who herself will be delivering the initial welcome and introductory talk to individuals to kick off the event at 09:30, has highlighted such colossal events as the EU referendum result and the inauguration of Donald Trump as President of the USA as having a huge impact on workers’ sense of worth and wellbeing in their environment.

She emphasizes that it is more important than ever for the British Safety Council to show what it can do to help workers and individuals in need of support, and to design and construct new ways and methods of implementing safety along with progress in all working environments around the country.  The event is set to be a success for all involved.


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