New Competition in Place


Two leading investing companies known as Seedrs and Intebridge have united their support with the 2017 exciting new China Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition.

Not your ordinary school raffle, this particular competition offers awards to entrants valuing to figures of up to a billion pounds, with 64 cash bursaries in the mix for the lucky winners and runner ups. With up to 10 different potential business winners available in the United Kingdom, the ten happy few will be transported by aeroplane to the affluent location of Shenzhen in China for the final stages of the lucrative competition. Hosted by the IEIC in this area of the global superpower, Shenzhen is indeed an ideal location for such awards, due to its proximity to the central business empire of the whole of the Asian continent that is Hong Kong. Indeed, the competition is open to entrants from all over the world and is committed to promoting good global relations between different businesses and enterprises.

For the lucky British entrants, the first trials of the competition will take place in London on March 28th this year to eliminate the cocksure entrants who want to test their mettle and have a shot at the big prize. Of these entrants, three will be awarded cash prizes amounting to ten thousand pounds, and the best ten will then be taken to Shenzhen for the penultimate stages of the competition. Mr Jeff Lynn of Seedrs is delighted to play a leading role in the competition’s success, and those interested are urged to apply themselves to the juicy challenges of the competition and submit their applications. Potential entrants are wished good fortune in their quest and are advised to submit by Tuesday the 28th February when the timely barriers of the competition will close so that the competition can begin in London.


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