New Manager at Health and Safety Supertouch


Mark Spree, a former manager at Tornado Gloves in Great Britain has recently been declared as the new manager at health and safety PPE expert conglomerate Supertouch. This company, which specializes in ensuring that different companies and firms all around the United Kingdom adhere to the rules of safety and protection in the workplace, welcomes its new manager with open arms. Mister Spree is not new to this important business of ensuring that all workers in Britain keep themselves safe and reduce the amount of risk hazards within their prospective working environment: he began working as an on-site sales manager at Totectors and spent an impressive total of 18 years as manager of Ansell Healthcare UK, which directs its services across the stretch of Great Britain as well as Ireland.

Now he finally becomes part of Supertouch, which has been providing the appropriate safety measures to their clients since 1996 in the West Midlands. It is hoped by one of the Executive Chairmen, a Mister Parvez Akhtar, that the wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise of Mister Spree in dealing with the various pressures that are undoubtedly encountered on a regular basis at Supertouch will be able to maintain the company’s brilliant progression into the challenges of the New Year ahead. As Parvez Akhtar intimates, Supertouch have had a particularly good few years, and the company professional is confident that the arrival of Mister Spree can only take the company’s greatness to even greater heights.

With more than 75 different employees at his disposal, Supertouch are hoping to expect some great advancements and developments through Mister Spree’s leadership skills. It is hoped that Supertouch will continue to emerge as one of the most reliable and customer-friendly health and safety services in Britain, having been awarded many different accolades, one itself being named as one of the 1000 private enterprises to “Inspire Britain.”


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