Philips Lighting Has Revealed Plans to Work with LED for Better Products

The successful lighting manufacturer Philips Lighting has today revealed its new plans to work with light-emitting diode (LED) technology to develop better products that will satisfy their demanding and prolific customer fan base. The plan to go ahead with the plans to implement the GreenPower LED system has been greeted with much excitement and anticipation for the future of Philips Lighting’s relationship with new forms of lighting and technology.

Indeed, with a lighting capability of 3.0 micromoles per Joule, the new lights will be of fantastic use to Philips’ German client, who require for the lighting of their extensive greenhouse that they use in order to monitor their plant produce for trade and commerce. By using this new form of lighting technology, Philips will be able to satisfy their customers, who require the lights to have as little negative impact on their food product as possible. Certainly, controlling the conditions of a greenhouse are especially crucial to the survival of plant produce, and LED lighting is ideal for this particular working environment.

Specifically tailored towards businesses that want to reduce the installment costs of the lighting, Philips will implement the lighting system using malleable cables and tools to ensure that the crops in the greenhouse themselves are affected as little as possible by the alterations. Similarly, the LED system will be able to require very few maintenance or alteration needs, meaning that Philips’ client can concentrate on producing record amounts of new produce and harvest with the new lighting successfully in place for the year.

Having produced a staggeringly high amount of produce, weighing up to levels as high as 107 kilograms, Tomaline from Belgium are more eager than ever to implement the new lighting system to ensure that their crop is well looked after and yields even better results for them this year. Philips’ new LED lighting system is sure to keep the crops bright.


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