Salary Earners to See Increase According to Worldwide Survey


Robert Walters, a surveyor that has been in operation conducting surveys around the world since the year 2000, has released figures this year that indicate that the salary earners working in the field of mid-level supplies will go up by a very significant 11 per cent.

This is without a doubt a very welcome piece of news to salary earners in this bracket of the work industry as it contrasts greatly to the mere 4 per cent average rise in the salaries of people in other senior positions in work. This evidence is clearly a sunnier alternative to the gloomy news and prospects that have been put in place as a result of fluctuating economies, the EU referendum and the surprising election results in the United States. This is clearly an encouraging sign to employers in the field who will want to encourage the popularity of the profession, and it is clear that the amount of applicants for positions in this sector is consistently high, due to the lucrative salary schemes available.

In addition to this, members employed in the contract acquisition sector will see their annual salaries also rise, to slightly less impressive degrees, to a total of 8 per cent. As Mister Neil Morgan of the managing team of Robert Walters explains, it is evident that this strengthening of salary growth is a good sign for the contracting industry and a sign that there will still be a large demand for such senior positions in the years to come. Such skills as time management and an ability to multitask and juggle a number of different duties are essential to the job description of these senior roles in the business, and these are skills at least that will not be in shortage among those members of the British population wanting to get their foot in the senior careers door. And with an 11 per cent increase, who wouldn’t want to give it a go at some point in their life?


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