Sika Helps School Reduce Carbon Impact


All it took was a faulty boiler in a school in Manchester to destroy an entire basement, thus calling for a complete reparation of the entire location. Stretford Grammar School have been using the help of Sika to transform its basement from a water-logged concrete mess into a brand new water proof center to lead the way to making the school a more environmentally-friendly location. The councillors of Trafford Borough oversaw the repairs that were completed by Grade 2 contractors, who applied an easy-to-use concoction created by Sika to apply directly to the affected walls themselves.

The solution’s extra added strength is due to its mixture with concrete so as to ensure that it protects the walls from future damp as much as possible. It has even been approved by the British Board of Agrement (BBA) as a solution of long-lasting impact to ensure that the basement location of the school remains safe from all future possible mold attacks. Another Sika product (405) was used to mend the roof that was falling apart under the constant strain of adverse weather conditions. It was also rid of blemishes and should ensure the safety of the school roof for the full duration of the building’s lifetime, as is also the case with the Sika 1 solution.

With its properties designed to withstand extreme temperatures and ultra-violet (UV) rays, Sika 405 was a further long-term solution to the school’s building renovations. Steve Parry, an RM of Structural Repairs, was adamant that these solutions would satisfy all parties concerned and would prove a significant step forward to reducing the impact of the school on the outer environment. It is equally hoped that the pupils of Stretford Grammar School will have benefited from witnessing these important refurbishments and will have seen this as an education to how schools and communities can work together to reduce their carbon impact on the atmosphere.


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