Venture Lighting Europe Announced New Collection of VLUMA

A company known as Venture Lighting Europe is pleased to announce its all new collection of VLUMA luminaires to potential customers around the country. The firm itself is very pleased to announce its commitment and passionate enthusiasm towards technology that devotes itself to using light-emitting diodes (or LEDs) and is positive that its new range of products will be a roaring success among clients.

Some of the many advantages of using these VLUMA products are that they are energy and cost efficient, much more so than other products that Venture Lighting Europe has had in the past. With a market base that caters to all forms of lighting settings, whether they be for the grand outdoors or the great indoors, VLUMA lighting products are particularly appealing in their flexibility and adaptability to the needs of different customers. For example, such products are available in a wide range of different wattages that will correspond to what they are intended to be used for.

Equally, many of the different models will enable customers to choose what angle they want them at, as well as what setting they require and the energy levels that they output. Most of the products also come with a year-long warranty guarantee, whilst others will be able to last for an impressive total of 50,000 hours. Other luminary designs in the catalogue will enable customers to utilize an all-new “plug-and-play” system that allows the products to be cleaned or handled by clients and customers in whichever way they see fit. What is evident is that VLUMA luminaires are bound to be extremely popular with customers and that VLE are pleased with the investments that they have made in developing these new and more efficient LED products that have managed to remain up to date with the differing advancements in LED technological processes. VLUMA will undoubtedly be on the agenda of every serious light buyer.


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